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OTG's Boss F100

Straight up nasty F100 that HCR helped to design.

Pure Vision's Martini Mustang

Petrolicious created a beautiful video of the Martini Mustang that HCR created the initial illustrations for. Built by Pure Vision Design, this incredible  1966 Mustang features a 4-Cam Ford Indy motor, C&R trans, and of course the Martini Racing livery. ​ Ford awarded the car "Best of Show" honors at the 2012 SEMA Show.

Rock My RV on the Travel Channel

Over the top and too much fun. HCR helped design all of the RV's on this show.

Cub Crafters Introduces the X-Cub

HCR had only a small design role (control stick and interior concepts) in this project, but the finished result is amazing.

Hot Rod Ford Flex Build

Hot Rod Magazine had HCR design a custom Ford Flex for the 2008 SEMA Show.

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